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Interview: Anna Matard and eco-leaders circle

Anna Matard is a talent booster, an expert in female leadership, a business-doula and a great friend of the Positive Lab. In 2022, she invites us to join her in the circle of eco-leaders, a collective coaching for creative women entrepreneurs.

In your coaching, you talk about the need for women to say stop, to better respect themselves in order to invent new ways.

Yes, it seems to me that today's western society has sufficiently demonstrated the need for renewal. For me, the way to take over is to strengthen the potential of women. But not in the same way as men. By a unique way for each one, in coherence with her feelings and her deep values. Listening to the human being, listening to the body and its right rhythms.

You have been working for over 30 years in companies and local authorities as a coach. How are women inventing new ways today?

A facilitator like me reinforces the professionalism of each one and especially encourages a dynamic of being, beyond the doing and the wanting. To live a relational intelligence on a daily basis. The methods I transmit help us to act for ourselves, others and the planet, while respecting our limits. Psychosociologists say that intrinsic motivation is a weapon of stability in this volatile and uncertain world. I help them to build on it and also to strengthen their self-esteem.

You propose 6 eco-leaders circles, on Saturdays, online from January 8 to March 19, 2022, in an accompanying course (videos, audios, articles in French and in English). What does it consist of?

We will begin by redefining 21st century leadership. Then, we will reflect on how to reinvent ourselves from what society, norms and role models impose on us. We will share body practices to be more focused and zen. The goal is also to be inspired by testimonies of radiant women who have listened to and implemented the call of their deepest values in their businesses. And of course, learning how to transform yourself and the ecological and social impact of your business, whether it is profit or not, will be at the center of these circles. The collective circle coaching includes:

  • A 2-hour online meeting every 15 days, in English and French

  • 5 packs of videos, audios and articles, in English and French

  • A WhatsApp group for questions

  • An individual coaching of one hour and a half at mid-term

We are also hosting a free, interactive presentation of the circle on December 4.


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