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Discover our " Ecofeminist Dreams " podcast!

It all started with this invented word: "the Œcofeminothek". It is an imaginary, hybrid, and nomadic space around ecofeminist books and courageous activists. Elisa Gratias, a German author born under communism in the GDR, and Emilie Langlade, a French journalist lulled by the tales and legends of Brittany, meet around the microphone of the Œcofeminothek to question the notion of dreams, utopias and ecofeminist visions in a context of pandemic and climate crisis. It is the love of literature that brought them together, and this is the starting point of their exploration, which is supported by this ecofeminist quote from the "Change the World" collective: "Words do magic: they change the fabric of the world. If something is said, it is already contaminating reality, or at least minds." Their intention is to create a space where words, written, shared, begin to form a possible new world out of the systems of oppression, domination and destruction of women and nature. Both offer a sonic journey into the vibrant and gushing heart of the Œcofeminothek circles, a sonic space where ecofeminist visions, literatures and actions intertwine from emblematic places in Berlin's women's history, to create a fertile ground for a more just European society that takes better care of the living.

The first episodes of this podcast (35 to 40 minutes each) present historical and recent ecofeminist works, revisit events in Berlin's feminist history, punctuated by the words of ecofeminist thinkers, researchers and activists (philosopher Jeanne Burgart Goutal, care sociologist Garbiele Winker, political scientist Fatima Ouassak, co-founder of the American ecofeminist movement WLOE Anna Gyorgy, climate activist Janna Aljets... ), and poems created during creative circles around dreams and visions, set to sound and music by artists Daiana Romero Zambrano and Julio Arcala Fanti.

Cover illustration: Lina Augustin

Graphik Design : Flavia Maria Toso

The authors and producers are very happy that the podcast "Ecofeminist Dreams" is shared and broadcast by La Mèche, a Swiss media friend that inspires the new world community.


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