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Our last emerging Positive IMPACT projecbecause it's time to take care of our seas


A Citizen project to beautify cities, impulse Circular Economy and boost Feminine Entrepreneurship 

Collaborative Urban Art

The SEAsters  are colorful women,  collectors of waste,  who beautify and take care of our cities. They emerge in public spaces, made of  mosaics or wall painting, to reclaim a beautiful and colorful way of taking care of the world we live in.

They are an original creation conceived by artist and  eco-preneur Axelle Vergès, co-founder of Positive Lab Berlin; and  co-created in collaboration with other local urban artists and handcrafters to be the fruit of participative citizen workshops held in schools or cultural and community centres in cities.

A first mockup is currently being created in Marseille in collaboration with citizen artist Paola Cervoni, head of Viv'arthe - Marseille Mosaïque: 7 schools of a sensible district are involved and 330 children from 5 years old participated in the creation of a mural fresco more than 8 metres long. + info here 

Urban Mining 

“La plus belle des poubelles"

Each SEAster is surrounded by waste receptacles that allow the collection of resources that will be transformed into pieces of art or sustainable solutions by circular startups or artists.  The project is developed in collaboration with local Circular Economy promoters and Creative start-ups.

Feminine Eco-Leadership  

**Every time a ‘SEAster’ is created, she is ready to be sponsored by a local enterprise that wants to support our purpose. The fundings collected allow us to give support to creative ‘womenpreneurs’ whose projects are taking care of local culture and nature. 

Captura de pantalla 2022-12-26 a las 20.05_edited.jpg

Wannabe a SEAster? 

we are looking for women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, artists, eco-leaders, activists, idealists, social impact investors and all those who wish to participate in the diffusion of the project beyond the seas...

Tel: +34 678 44 54 14 

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