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Episode 1: The ecofeminist awakening

What books can be used to discover and understand what ecofeminism is? How does the intersectional vision fit into this movement? This first episode features German sociologist Maria Mies, French philosopher Jeanne Burgart Goutal, German climate activist Janna Aljets and founder of the Center for Intersectional Justice in Berlin Emilia Roig.

Books cited:

Ecofeminism, published by L'harmattan, by Maria Mies and Vandana Shiva

Être écoféministe, éditions L'échappée, by Jeanne Burgart Goutal

Why we matter, Editions Aufbau Verlag, by Emilia Roig

References :

Chipko Movement

Ende Gelände

Sand im Getriebe

Center for Intersectional Justice


This episode was produced by Positive Lab, thanks to the support of the Fonds Citoyen Franco-Allemand

Writing and presentation: Elisa Gratias & Emilie Langlade

Poetic writing: Hélène Coron, you also heard an extract from "Lettre à notre chère république" by the author Iris Pikita, set to sound by Michel from Neptune

Sound extract from Emilia Roig, CIJ Berlin, shared with their kind permission and that of the Ashoka network

Original music, design and production: Daiana Romero Zambrano and Julio Arcala Fanti

Illustration: Lina Augustin, Graphic design: Flavia Maria Toso

The authors and producers are very happy that the podcast "Ecofeminist Dreams" is shared and broadcast by La Mèche, a Swiss media friend that inspires the new world community.


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