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Writing Cycle - Writing an Ecofeminist World (in French)

Take part in our series of creative writing workshops at the Centre Pensées in Berlin. 6 workshops, 6 ecofeminist themes, and as many possibilities to dream, create and build together a gentler world.

If a few authors have already ventured there, the writing of an ecofeminist world still remains today a largely under-explored subject. If such a space is already struggling to exist in our dreams, then how can we expect it to materialize in the real world?

We propose a cycle of collaborative and creative writing through 6 workshops that will lead us, step by step, towards the co-writing of an ecofeminist utopia. A safe and caring space to:

  • Meet, communicate, co-create new visions through the power of the collective

  • Being enriched by the works of inspiring women, artists, musicians and writers, to make them the fertile ground of our creativity

  • Explore and reinvent our relationship with the world through different dimensions:

14.11: Redefining our relationship with the body

21.11: Reinventing our relationship with the earth and living things

28.11: Taking back the power, getting out of the relationships of domination

05.12: Reclaiming spirituality

12.12: Imagining another way of living together

Proofreading and rewriting of texts during the Christmas break.

09.01: Writing an Ecofeminist World: Crossing Texts

This cycle aims at a final publication (nothing obligatory for those who would like to keep their texts private) as well as a publication of extracts in the podcast of the Lab, financed by the Franco-German Citizen Fund, which will be recorded in early 2022.

No obligation to be available on all dates to register.

Symbolic participation of 5 euros / workshop.

Thank you to Karla of the Centre Pensées for lending us this space, conducive to openness and creativity.


Please note that the workshops will be held in French.


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