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Explore the ECO-feminist economy to boost "purpose driven" initiatives that take care of our world 

We are in a Climate Emergency: we strongly believe that we need to explore & develop new economical models able to heal our lack of humanity and the massive exploitation of our resources. We want to think, live, and interact differently, in a ecofeminist & feminine way, willing to include minorities, and thanks to that diversity, generate positive Ecosystems to boost economic initiatives focused on SDGs. 

​Born in 2020, between Berlin, Marseille and Mallorca, as a non-profit structure "Positive Lab " is an ecofeminist matrix connecting art, sciences, and cultural knowledge (often not considered in our economy) to generate "ecosystemic & feminine" initiatives with a strong social, environmental and economic impact.




It's time to give light and voice to a new feminine eco-leadership inspired by Nature and Culture to see the awakening of a new Art of Doing Business based on ecosystem thinking, co-creativity, regenerative business models and positive impact generation.


 By awaking the feminine and allowing a co-creative process, we will promote women's entrepreneurship, the creation of new generation start-ups and "citizen-driven" initiatives as well as the evolution towards ecosystemic regenerative business models, all of which will generate a positive impact focusing on the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Let’s awaken the feminine to take care of our world.

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What we do


Positive Lab  is a non-profit, multi-cultural collective laboratory that offers:

.  Federating an international eco-feminist community

. Training women in eco-leadership

. Boosting female entrepreneurship

. Developing ecosystem innovation and new regenerative business models inspired by Art and Nature

. Disseminate information about new economies inspired by eco-feminism and the feminine.​

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  # CO-LAB 

R&D for Innovative Business Models  inspired by Nature & Culture

Our aim is to participate in European research and innovation programs to work closely with Universities, R&D centers and corporate innovation departments in the exploration and emergence of a new Art of doing Business in feminine.

 #Ecosystem Booster  

 # Co-creative learning 

Events & Content's generation  to federate the eco-feminist community 

Training feminine eco-leadership with "Learning by enjoying" experiences 

Œcoféminothek, theme days or festival, face-to-face and online interviews...we explore and cross paths, exchange our visions to federate the eco-feminist community and therefore grow together.

Thanks to Positive LAB Creative "Learning by enjoying" Experiences program to support feminine entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, we participate in the conception and co-production of citizen driven initiatives  

  # Digital matrix   

  #  Coworkings 4.0   

Creative spaces & funds to boost feminine entrepreneurship 

connect, share knowledge and maximize the impact  

We work on the conception of a new generation of co-creative coworking and pop-up installations (spread in different spaces) allowing exploration, creative activities, collective governance, coworking and training to boost the co-creation of positive impact projects.Open to schools universities, companies and citizen-led associations.

Thanks to the digital matrix we share contents online and  disseminate our pedagogical methods, videos, networks, experiences, and multiply the media and citizen impact of our research, events, community and creations. 


Business DOULA

Positive LAB co-creative IMPACT School 

Discover original tools to boost creative feminine entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship by co-creating Positive IMPACT experiences and campaigns 

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Axelle Verges

Serial French Entrepreneur, co-founder

of SIARQ, a company specializing in advanced solar design, base out of Barcelona. Axelle is a consultant in business development & innovation projects and Regenerative Marketing; mentor and creator of methodologies as well as original and creative tools to boost women's entrepreneurship as "the Flower Model" and ECO-feminine strategy in companies.

Emilie Langlade Arte

Emilie Langlade

Science Journalist, joyfull Ecofeminist, and presenter of the Xenius program for Arte. Emilie is a specialist in Franco-German collaboration, moderator of conferences and debates, as well as author of "Climate Solutions Explained, Episode one: The Exponential Roadmap" for We don't have time. She achieved in 2017 the certification of the Mentoring program « Life is your work of Art » in San Francisco. 


Roberto Sours

Creative Guru and Project Director. —An Emmy Award Winning Art Director with 25+ years of specializing in creative direction, project management, marketing & innovation for major TV Networks & Cable —including ABCNEWS, New York, as well as Top Advertising companies, New Media & Digital Startups. Robert is a co-founder of Positive Lab and has been working for years on projects that promote sustainability, a circular economy and the environment.

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Valentina Milano

Positive LAB Mallorca co-founder Valentina is an international human rights lawyer, focused on advancing women’s rights, especially in the context of human trafficking and migration. She has a PhD in Public International Law and has more that 10 years of experience with the UN (UNESCO, WHO and OHCHR). Since 2013, she has been teaching human rights law and women’s rights at the University of the Balearic Islands, working in synergy with NGOs that protect and empower human trafficking survivors. Valentina is also a consultant for the regional and central government on trafficking and other human rights issues.

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Estelle Euvremer

Positive LAB Mallorca co-founder Estelle is an artist, illustrator specialized in printmaking tecnics, she studied textil at the Dupérré Art school in Paris. She moved to Barcelona, then in 2008 to Mallorca where she worked at Camper for the Twins collections. In 2018, she creates her own brand (EEstampes) that offers hand-printed designs inspired in Mallorca nature, carved in linoleum and her own carved stamps. She creates a collections using materials respectful for the environment.


Instagram @eestampes

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