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Positive CO-LAB 

we have the luck to CO-LABorate with recognized and talented artists & female ecoleaders of citizen driven organisations focus on specifics Sustainable Development Goals 

Positive Lab CO-LAB services include the Conception & Ideation phase of each project +  Ecosystem boosting  + Co-leadership & co-production + Making of & generation of Communication Contents 


RÊVES ECOCITOYENS & UTOPIES ÉCO-FÉMINISTES”  A one-year program held in 2020-2021 in Berlin including 4 events with the “Œcofeminothek” a circle of readings, inspirations and visions around ecofeminism + 1 special day about the Care Economy +  4 podcasts + edition of  e-book Flow’her Power to boost Positive entrepreneurship. A global budget of 130,000 euros co-financed by the French and German Citizen Fund in partnership with Berlin’s most innovative spaces such as Gilka Remise, Meeet cowork, and the French Institute of Berlin among others - Project successfully completed during 2021. 

WE ARE OCEANS Mallorca - agreement signed in January 2022 with Art Port Foundation defining Positive LAB as official co-partner & co-producer of ART & SCIENCES projects in Mallorca - Read our project presentation here . Fundraising & Partners involvement stage for a launch in oct 2023. 


“DITES  33” a project resulting from the collaboration of Positive LAB with “Tech for good” and circular economy startups to plant 33 upcycled intelligent urban sculptures made of waste by local artists, and able to provide data about the quality of the air we breathe in our cities. See our presentation here. Partners involvement stage. 

Berlin Flower garden & Ecofeminist Festival: “the flower” garden in Berlin was born after our cycle of events about ecofeminism. The project took place at the French Center in Berlin in association with SUZI and enabled the creation of a BOX garden with medicinal & virtuous plants to be cultivated with immigrants and local women. On September 4, the first Ecofeminist festival in Berlin was celebrated thanks to the support of the French and German Citizen Fund. Project successfully completed during 2022. 

FEMOCRACY, a European Research project on feminism and democracy presented in 2021, led by the prestigious ENS Paris (Ecole Normale Sup) and other European universities. Positive LAB designed the Communication work package + a lab on feminine entrepreneurship - Project presented in Sept 2021 but not accepted by the EU Commission in February 2022.

ITINERARIOS POSITIVOS in collaboration with French Association ADFE based in Barcelona to promote a sustainable and desirable future for young French and bi-nationals from 16 to 26 year-olds living in Cataluña, Aragon and the Balearic islands. A co-creative learning experience + an itinerary to discover and resolve challenges in different organisations and startups of the region involved with SDGs. Conception phase & partner involvement.

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