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Hello the eco-leaders !

 I am ANNA MATARD, ecosystemic leadership consultant and therapist.

Empowering women at work since 35 years! 

What is the Eco-leaders Circle?

Collective coaching on Eco-leadership for creative & female entrepreneurs 

  • 6 online group circles of 2 hours every 15 days, in English/French

  • 5 packs of videos, audios and articles, in English and in French, to be consulted at your own pace on a drive, between the circles

  • 1 what's app group for your questions

  • 1 individual coaching at mid-course of 1h30


CIRCLE 1: Meet and discover each other

PACK 1 (audios, vidéos, articles, slideshow)

  • How to define 21st century women's leadership?

  • How does it differ from the leadership of the past?

  • The 10 keys to break the glass ceiling of women eco-leaders

  • Body practices to be more focused and zen

CIRCLE 2 : How to reinvent ourselves in relation to what society, norms and role models impose on us?

PACK 2 > Emotional intelligence and its 4 components:   

  • Taking care of oneself and developing self-compassion     

  • Cultural, social and psychological conditioning, how to free oneself from it?

  • How to make your emotions a strength?   


CIRCLE 3 :  How to develop your leadership, your business and take better care of yourself ?

PACK 3  > What are your values? How to rank your priorities?

  • Test on your values and listen to testimonies of inspiring women who have listened and implemented the call of their feelings and their values for their future.


CIRCLE 4 : Creative visualization to get in touch with your deepest vision

PACK 4 > The functioning of intuition, an asset for women's leadership    

  • The 6 modes of decision making

  •  How to better balance right and left brain, cortex and limbic?  

  •  What practices to take strength, calm and resilience

  •  Reconnecting to the right rhythms in nature?


CIRCLE 5 : Facing your deepest inspirations, how to remove obstacles and impediments?

PACK 5  > Implementing systemic change

  • Transform your impact and the ecological and social impact of your business

  • Testimonials from eco-leaders and CEOs


CIRCLE 6 :  Your new commitments for a positive impact.

Closing and celebration for a new beginning.

Free interactive introduction of the circle

December the 4th, 2021

Online, from 16:30 to 18:00

Dates of the group coaching cycle - Saturdays

  • Jan the 8th, 2022

  • Jan the 22, 2022

  • Feb the 5th, 2022

  • Feb the 19th, 2022

  • March the 5th, 2022

  • March the 19th, 2022

Schedule: Online from 16:30 to 19:30

Participation: 1 500 euros 


Anna Matard on LinkedIN, or by sms, or phone and mail

Phone : 33 (0)6 30 74 42 70

Email :


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