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Let's dream together!

"Words work magic. They change the fabric of the world. If something is said, it is already contaminating reality, or at least minds."

Quebec ecofeminist collective "Faire partie du monde"

The Œcofeminothek is a Franco-German circle of ecofeminist readings and visions

(where the French "Œ" of sœurs/sisters in French resonates at its heart). It is a dream of optimistic literary encounters between two countries, a circle of women and men from different cultures, curious to discover how a movement, ecofeminism, draws inspiring perspectives in the face of climate change and the societal upheaval that ensues. Many of us are looking for resources that allow us to act with hope. Through the power of words, books, stories and visions, we are convinced that together we can meet, exchange, and project a better world, aspiring to a profound collective transformation that would allow us to live better tomorrow.

The different ecofeminist movements around the world are as rich as they are varied. This abundant diversity is reflected in the multitude of literary works, manifestos, poems, science fiction and academic writings that have been produced, not always translated, and even less shared on a Franco-German scale.

Yet, if we go back to the 1970s, we have on the one hand a Frenchwoman known for having been among the first to establish the historical term "ecofeminism", Françoise d'Eaubonne, and on the other side of the Rhine the German Maria Mies, a notorious international sociologist and thinker who deeply analysed the intersections of patriarchy, poverty and the environment on a local and global scale. Two women from the same era, with visionary writings, whom history has tended to overlook. And they are not the only ones.

The themes that ecofeminists have addressed are cruelly topical: civil society and political institutions recognise both the urgency of the climate problem and the need to work for greater gender equity, and call for mobilisation around citizen initiatives... Ecology and feminism share common values, such as the exit from systems of exploitation and domination, and the defence of living beings, which is at the heart of ecofeminist thinking.

Who in France knows the story of the feminist and environmentalist pioneer Petra Kelly? Why is the story of the feminists of the former GDR so little reported? Who in Germany has heard of the actions of the Atomic Bomb Collective? So many citizen actions that can inspire others! So many literary sources that it is time to share! Let's not let this precious cultural heritage disappear.

With the Oecofeminothek, we want to travel together into this vibrant and gushing heart of ecofeminist visions, literature and stories, and are convinced that we can create a fertile ground for new ideas and initiatives among the people in our circle to "change the fabric of the world".

To join our circle: Facebook group Oecoféminothek

We meet every 2 months for hybrid events, from Berlin and Online, and guests !

Our event of April 2021

Our event of June 2021


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