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Œcoféminothek at SUSI Frauenzentrum - Last circle of the year!

Welcome to our last French-German circle of 2021! The / Die Œcoféminothek, our circle of ecofeminist visions and inspirations, is once again opening a space where literature and activism come together to better dream and build a better world together!

Just after the COP26, we will present you the powerful and incisive book of one of the most mediatized ecofeminist activists of the planet: Vandana Shiva. Her book "Oneness vs. the 1%" calls for the collective reappropriation of our humanity. Our theme for the evening is simply a reprise of the subtitle: "Shattering illusions, seeding freedoms", which seemed to us very accurate.

We will be hosted at the SUSI Women's Intercultural Center in Berlin by the incredible Adalca Tomas, a multi-talented feminist activist who not only coordinates SUSI's brilliant cultural program, but is also a trainer and consultant in prejudice education and awareness, and a trainer in diversity and empowerment in the field of children and youth. With her, we will take a step back and talk about ecofeminism in the four corners of the planet. SUSI has been a core partner of the Œcoféminothek since the beginning, and we are looking forward to introducing you to their beating heart!

Wednesday, November 17th, 19:00 - Live Zoom

Event in French and German


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